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Notice: This website is notably outdated so take it for what it once was back around 2003 when I was applying to grad school.

Research Interests

My interests include all aspects of robotic design with the ambition of creating an artificial intelligent being. More specifically I am interested in parallel distributed control architectures that do not require formal knowledge representation, yet are capable of learning. I'm strongly inspired by evolution, biology and the role that genetics and experience play on learning and behavior.

Current Projects
By day I am a fortunate member of the Brains in Silicon lab working with Kwabena Boahen. My goal here is to advance the state of the art in motion control by imitating our nervous system. In particular I have designed an aVLSI silicon cerebellum and will soon begin testing it. Email me if you want the details.

Artificial Muscles
By night my project is the creation of a practical muscle-like actuator for robotic and prosthetic devices, after all, what good is a brain without a body. Again, email me if you care about the details or would like to contribute to this quest.

You will need my public PGP key if you want to send me encrypted information.

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